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TRUCKBase or TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager

There are numerous differences between the two versions of TRUCKBase and TRUCKBase Pro however maybe the most important and possibly the 'deciding' factor in which version to choose are detailed below.


The job descriptions for both the invoices and job sheets are added to a paragraph style box, by the use of 'invoice drop ins'. This box will expand to any length over as many pages as you will need. This is a really easy way of showing the work you have done and is especially useful when your business needs to write very long descriptions of the work you have carried out. This version has some limitations inasmuch as you cannot immediately show different charge codes or allocate different job lines to different technicians.

TRUCKBase Pro Auto Workshop Manager:

The jobs are entered in a line by line basis, so you will have a job sheet, estimate or invoice and within that you can have as many job lines as needed, each detailing the details of the job. Each job line can be allocated to a different technician and the job lines can have separate prices, hourly rates, charge codes and tax codes. >When adding parts you have the option to allocate parts to each individual job line, or if you choose allocate parts to the invoice without identifying the exact job line the parts have been used for. Parts can be added to each job line in both the job sheet and the invoice - so for commercial workshops needing a more comprehensive analysis of job sheets and invoices this provides a robust detailed solution.

The Pro version also comes with a Workshop Job Viewer (FREE), which typically can be installed in the workshop and allows jobs to be sent to the workshop for acknowledgment by the selected technician. The Pro version also transfers estimates to job sheets and finally to an invoice, including the transfer of parts (parts are only taken out of stock when added to an invoice). The Pro version also has a comprehensive diary system included which allows for the almost instant sending of appointment confirmation via SMS or email.

The Pro version will also provide the ability to charge tax (or not) on a 'per job line' bases and on individual part sales. You will have set up your defaults normally used in your country of use and only need to take any action for job lines or parts that do not attract tax or the tax is applied at a different rate.

How to choose which version

  • Most businesses will know immediately the version of TRUCKBase they need - to a degree this is driven by the type of invoice your customer requires from you. In the past several years we have seen a move whereas the 'customer' wants a much more detailed breakdown of how the work was done - and parts used for each job line. This was the primary reason we introduced the Pro version TRUCKBase. If you do not need this capability then the normal TRUCKBase will be perfectly adequate for you.
  • All the Safety , MOT, and service reminder options are the same.. The Stock Control and Purchase Manager is also the same in both versions.

Multi- Branch

Auto Workshop Management

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